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3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing is Transforming Performance Footwear | Jabil

Athletic footwear represents 14 percent of the entire footwear industry — that’s more than $47 billion. And this is just one sector where Additive Manufacturing is set to disrupt the status quo.  Imagine going to a store the afternoon you arrive at a ski resort, being weighed, measured and having your feet digitally scanned, and then discussing your skiing style with an expert fitter. The next day you pick up a pair of 3D printed ski boots that are unique to you. A perfect fit, great comfort, the right flex and support. This is just one of the possibilities that additive manufacturing can offer the world of footwear. And we’re not talking about a custom insole, we’re talking about the entire boot including the buckles and mechanisms.This is just the tip of an iceberg that could revolutionize performance athletic footwear, and other specialist footwear markets, taking it from best-fit to custom-fit.  …Learn More…

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