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STEM Education

Build Your Own Robot – One Puzzle At a Time | ActivePuzzle

By Meir Sela, Founder, ActivePuzzle

ActivePuzzle is a 3d puzzle game for building robots. With ActivePuzzle you can build puzzle robots in three dimensions, by combining sensors and actuators to form robotic functions. No coding and no computer screens are involved. Simply snap puzzle pieces together to form a new robot. Every arrangement of puzzle pieces forms a new robot with its own behaviors, which makes invention fast and easy.

The kit contains puzzle pieces, where each piece implements a certain function. For example, the battery piece supplies electric power to the circuit, the proximity sensor piece “sees” objects, the motor piece contains a motor and it can drive a wheel or another piece.

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ActivePuzzle robots are based on the Sense-Act principle: an input piece connected to an output piece will activate it according to its value. For example, when a light sensor is connected to a motor the motor will run faster as the light on the sensor gets stronger.

Advantages of ActivePuzzle:

  • A really fun puzzle game in 3d
  • Improved STEAM skills – science, technology, engineering, art and math – while playing!
  • Encourages the gaining of spatial cognition capabilities
  • Encourages creativity and innovation
  • Problem solving: Unlike other games, ActivePuzzle is a puzzle with a guided solution, with no “wrong” solution, and this is a very worthwhile and meaningful experience.
  • Fine motor skills: ActivePuzzle is helping to develop fine motor skills as one must work carefully to fit pieces together correctly.
  • Social skills: Children can benefit from playing with ActivePuzzle with other children as this promotes inclusion, listening, and interaction.
  • Gender-neutral game: puzzles are not identified as “boy’s thing”, thus enabling equal engagement among boys and girls


About the Author:

My name is Meir Sela, and I’m the founder of ActivePuzzle. The company is based in Tel Aviv area, Israel. I own another educational robotics company – Shapes Robotics ( which develops and sells robot kits and curricula to schools and to academic institutions. The puzzle robotics idea came to my mind when we were working with young students, and I realized that for learning to build robots they had to deal with several new languages at once, which was quite difficult for them.

ActivePuzzle | Meir Sela, Founder
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