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3D Printing

How Filament Thickness Sensors Can Change 3D Printing

If you have any 3D printing experience, you already know that one of the key aspects of a high-quality 3D print job is the proper thickness of the object's walls. Increasingly, 3D printing services are adding different options for testing out this thickness before you send a job to the printer.

Understanding the Health Impact of 3D Printers: A Q&A with UL: Additive Manufacturing

As a follow-up to our Changing the Rules feature with UL, which brought safety to the forefront of the AM discussion, Additive Manufacturing magazine sat down with UL’s vice president and senior technical advisor Dr. Marilyn Black to find out what they have in store next. It turns out they have partnered with Georgia Tech and Emory University to research the impact of 3D printing on indoor air quality in two phases. Phase I will involve the characterization and assessment of particle and chemical emissions from 3D printing technologies and Phase II will assess potential health hazards from exposure to the emissions. ..Read More....