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3D Printing

Another Mini 3D Printer Option: The B-Creative 3D Printer

The B-Creative meets the basic requirements of a small format desktop 3D printer: moderate to small build volume and relatively low cost. It’s build volume is somewhat on the high side for a mini 3D printer at 160 x 180 x 160mm. And for cost, the unit can be ordered at only USD$599. But the B-Creative seems to have a few more interesting features beyond just the basics. This unit includes a color touch screen, conveniently located at the top of the machine, unlike some other screens where you almost have to bend over to use them...Read More....

3D Printing Industry – M3D Micro 3D Printer Review

At the 2015 Maker Faire NYC a few months back, I had the opportunity to meet with the founders of M3D, the creators of the M3D Micro 3D printer. At the time, I was able to get a bit of a hands on experience with the printer and came away thoroughly impressed and in agreement with the idea that the M3D Micro could be the first true consumer 3D printer. The guys at M3D were gracious enough to send over a printer for review and I had the opportunity to log a good deal of time with the Micro. And I’m happy to report that I am still very impressed.