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Big Data

How to hire for the right big data skill set

"Hiring the right data scientists, analysts and engineers can be a daunting task. But with the right strategy, you'll be able to find the great candidates in no time."

6 ethical questions about Big Data

"A briefing by the Institute of Business Ethics outlines the responsibilities organisations which collect and use personal data have and the questions to ask to evaluate where your company stands."

Hollywood’s love affair with Big Data

"Long before anyone came up with a catchy name for it, the possibilities and outcomes of big data analysis have captured the imaginations of screenwriters and directors for years, and their portrayals can offer some lessons for business leaders about the best ways to use and analyze data."

Now Can Big Data Fight Terror?

"In the wake of the Orlando mass killings, Business World columnist Holman Jenkins asks: Now can big data finally fight terror? Why don’t officials know when an Omar Mateen buys a mass-murder weapon?"

Unlocking Your Inner Data – Northwoods BLOG

When companies build websites, they often focus so narrowly on marketing and promotional content that they fail to enhance the site with internal data. Internal data refers to information inside the company that customers and partners might find useful. …more....