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Big Data

What is the promise of big data?

"Big data as a concept has in fact been around longer than computer technology, which would surprise a number of people."

Can big data stop crime?

More police departments are using algorithms to predict crimes. But as Chicago’s police department has discovered, having data isn’t enough to prevent violence.

Overcoming Big Data Hurdles

"Payers, hospitals, doctors, healthcare companies and innovators alike are deeply excited by the promise that Big Data holds in transforming medicine through predictive analytics and precision medicine. But there are some shackles that are hampering Big Data from realizing its true potential..."

What’s Hiding in Your Data?

"Modern data science can unlock new innovation in healthcare, bioinformatics, genetic research, and other related fields."

The Growing use of Big Data at Intelligence Agencies

"Intelligence agencies face a tremendous challenge as they attempt to identify criminals and possible terrorists before something catastrophic happens. Finding these persons of interest take a great deal of effort, but many intelligence agencies may see a boost as they slowly adopt the latest big data analytics technologies."

How Big Data Can Sideline Innovation – Content Loop

Businesses have come to rely on big data to understand the emotions of their most important asset—customers. And while big data is helping companies see patterns in huge masses of information, it's proving limited for understanding the most important aspects of customers' needs and desires.

How Do You Really Get Data Projects Into Production – Dataiku

Big data projects in every type of industry and size business are failing. The reason? Data projects are developed but can't be efficiently deployed and put into production. Contribute to finding out how to effectively get big data projects from design into production