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Big Data

Can Big Data Resolve The Human Condition?

What makes the Kavli HUMAN Project, which will follow 10,000 people over 20 years, so exciting is that it's exactly the kind of approach that can show us if Big Data really works, says Adam Frank.

Businesses can leverage Big Data to overcome the workplace skills gap.

A significant aspect of business success involves leveraging resources to bridge gaps. Business gaps are cyclical and almost expected in the enterprise world, but not all organizations are able to build bridges to overcome these obstacles; for some companies, a business gap may become problematic enough to become a permanent bridge or divide.

Data Outliers: 10 Ways To Prevent Big Data Damage

Most business decision-makers aren't trained to understand data outliers, but they can learn the basics. Executives, managers, and employees without math degrees can ask smarter questions about analyses they're basing crucial judgments on. Here are some things to know.

IoT is “killer app” of big data

LIVE FROM AMDOCS AMERICAS SUMMIT, ORLANDO: The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a derivative of data but is the equivalent of a "killer app" of big data, a big topic of discussion at the Amdocs summit, according to Matt Roberts, director, product marketing, big data and strategic innovation.