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New Energy Means More Opportunity for Manufacturing Sector | Cut Form Fab Metal

Energy Boosts Manufacturing New developments in the science and technology have and will spell out a massive influx in business for manufacturers. The concept of control science is emerging as the probable next step in the process of ensuring longevity for future generations whose livelihood depends on renewable or sustainable energy utilization. As the focus[ Read More » ]

New Ways To Generate Wind and Solar Energy Investment | Shane Spencer

I was asked to write a guest article for Energy Biz Magazine about the application of REIT’s in the renewable energy industry. This article was published in the January 2013 issue of Energy Biz Magazine. The sustainability movement faces formidable obstacles to a needed transition to financial stability. Until now, …

New Chemistries Found for Liquid Batteries | PDD Net

Liquid metal batteries, invented by MIT professor Donald Sadoway and his students a decade ago, are a promising candidate for making renewable energy more practical. The batteries, which can store large amounts of energy and thus even out the ups and downs of power production and power use, are in the process of being commercialized by a Cambridge-based startup company, Ambri.