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Hydropower Catches The Digital Wave – GE Reports

Digital solutions promise to improve economic and environmental outcomes, write Debora Frodl, Global Executive Director at GE Ecomagination, and Richard Taylor, CEO of the International Hydropower Association.     One of the…

Alibaba Officials Launch Packaging Recycling Effort

Alibaba's logistics affiliate this week announced an agreement to help recycle the billions of plastic bags and cardboard boxes used for parcel shipments in China each year....Continue reading at:Manufacturing.Net

Peterborough NH & “Renewable Fuel Oil”

Got a surprise invite open house at Froling Energy last Friday, celebrating their upgraded manufacturing capabilities of Precision Dry Wood Chips Continue reading at:LinkedIn Post Save

Charged Up: GE Shows Investors Its Energy Playbook

The acquisition of Alstom’s energy assets delivered $1.5 billion in synergies in 2016, $300 million above GE’s original five-year target for Alstom synergies, GE’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Bornstein told…