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Gulp! These Scientists Are Turning CO2 Into Fish Food – GE Reports

It’s not often that you hear about the virtues of carbon dioxide. CO2 is a gas whose surfeit has turned it into one of the main contributors to global warming. But this October, on the windswept west coast of Norway, one refinery will use some of that CO2 to feed fish. How does a greenhouse … …more....

GE And MIT Partner For More Energy, Less Carbon – GE Reports

In 2006, MIT’s then-president Susan Hockfield asked university experts to name the biggest challenge for the next decades. “By far, the most common answer she got back was energy,” says Robert Armstrong, director of the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), the school’s hub for energy research, education and outreach. MITEI (pronounced “mighty”) launched after Dr. Hockfield …more....