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Vectors and Circles: CISL and EMPAC at RPI, Troy NY

EMPAC has been designed from the beginning as a center where art, science, and technology “meet under one roof and breathe the same air” through research, development, production, and performance. CISL @ EMPAC is a new, substantial research initiative between Rensselaer and IBM, which uses the infrastructure of EMPAC to further expand the intellectual and artistic discourse at the intersection of digital technology and the human condition. IBM and Rensselaer launched the Cognitive and Immersive Systems Laboratory (CISL) as part of the IBM Cognitive_ColloquiumNY, which was held at EMPAC on November 18, 2015. The name of the laboratory indicates the convergence of a major research enterprise in cognitive computing with what is unique about EMPAC.

Made in Massachusetts: Seven Cycles

Seven Cycles, a bicycle shop just outside of Boston, has become one of the biggest players in the custom bike community. “We make more custom bikes than any other builder in the world,” said Rob Vandermark, president and founder of Seven Cycles.

Color OLED Arduino Shields

Newhaven Display's new Color OLED Arduino Shields are available in three sizes, these shields come ready to mate with some of Arduino's most commonly used development boards.