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STEM Education

3D Printed Nesting Dolls Keep You Motivated to Work Out

Everyone knows that exercise is good - but actually doing it is another matter. The fitness industry pulls in billions of dollars from Americans who want to lose weight, tone up, look better, feel better - but despite our best intentions, many of us lose motivation quickly, particularly when we don'...

How to 3D Print in Full Color: DIY Style

From Taiwan to Ireland, 3D printing enthusiasts around the world are preparing for the next big thing in additive manufacturing: full color 3D printing. 3D printing companies such as 3D Systems previously dominated the full color 3D printing race with the ColorJet Printing, but their hefty price tag of around $40k is discouraging for your […]

You Don’t Have to Major in Computer Science for a Career in Tech

Technology is every where we look. The lists of great places to work and top careers of the future all seem to be technology related. There is a rise in the number of people seeking computer science degrees and still it appears that there may be more tech jobs available than there are qualified candidates …