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STEM Education

You Don’t Have to Major in Computer Science for a Career in Tech

Technology is every where we look. The lists of great places to work and top careers of the future all seem to be technology related. There is a rise in the number of people seeking computer science degrees and still it appears that there may be more tech jobs available than there are qualified candidates …

Personalize Learning: Making the Shift to “Our” Classroom

One of the most difficult parts of our jobs as educators is to create a learning environment where our learners are engaged and meet content and curriculum goals. From my experience, the single most important challenge that needs to be addressed to earn engagement in our classrooms is to develop a culture of learner autonomy--allowing and encouraging learners to take control of their own learning. There are many barriers that we, as educators, must work to clear in order to create a strong culture that allows our learners to feel comfortable with working toward a common goal in the way that works best for them. ..Read More....

#AnimatronicsChallenge: a littleBits Project by lizabits

Come one, come all to witness this extraordinary, life-defying, awe-inspiring, battery-powered menagerie of animatronic creatures! From February 1-29, we challenge you to invent an electronic creature or character using littleBits, then film it in action. We want to see you design a creature that mimics life, a character that has personality. Does it flutter it’s eyelashes? Have a distinctly pitched voice? Slither in an all too real way? These aren’t your typical metallic, mechanistic robots. Friends, we want nothing short of the illusion of life.