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STEM Education

Biomimicry Global Design Challenge

Food. It's not just the way we fuel our bodies,but perhaps the most intimate way we interact with our environment. Everything we eat comes from nature and begins as something growing on land or at sea. While our food is rooted in a vast chain of ecological relationships, it's also part of an increasingly complex and problematic system of our own design. It's a system that has resulted in depleted soils, landfills full of packaging waste and uneaten food, and dependence on expensive inputs, like chemical fertilizers—all while nearly 1 billion people go hungry every day. From seed (or sea) to table and everywhere in between, there's a lot we need to improve.

CS Careers: Computer Animation | Robomatter, Inc.

Computer animation has become a mainstay in the entertainment industry, and sometimes you wouldn’t even realize that something you are watching is computer animation. From character animations in Pixar films, to creating realistic massive crowd replications in big budget blockbusters to designing virtual reality worlds for new technology like the Oculus Rift, computer animation or CGI (computer-generated imagery) animation is the process used for generating animated images by using computer graphics. [i] Thanks to its growing popularity, the job market for computer animators has been increasing!