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STEM Education

Vectors and Circles: CISL and EMPAC at RPI, Troy NY

EMPAC has been designed from the beginning as a center where art, science, and technology “meet under one roof and breathe the same air” through research, development, production, and performance. CISL @ EMPAC is a new, substantial research initiative between Rensselaer and IBM, which uses the infrastructure of EMPAC to further expand the intellectual and artistic discourse at the intersection of digital technology and the human condition. IBM and Rensselaer launched the Cognitive and Immersive Systems Laboratory (CISL) as part of the IBM Cognitive_ColloquiumNY, which was held at EMPAC on November 18, 2015. The name of the laboratory indicates the convergence of a major research enterprise in cognitive computing with what is unique about EMPAC.

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

FREE for a limited time - Thomas Edison's Secret Lab, an app based on The Thomas Edison's Secret Lab show which can be viewed on select PBS stations, Netflix and the Kid Genius channel on Comcast Xfinity. The Secret Lab Kids want to show elementary students (ages 5 - 9) that science is fun. The app has…

Old English Teachers Never Fade Away – P21

When I was a boy several centuries back, the historic words "Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away" flowed out of my family's sole radio. Over the years, I have uncovered many meanings in General MacArthur's retirement speech. Today, whenever I engage in discussion about the Common Core Standards, I end up thinking about what he said. I sometimes make an adjustment as in "Old English Teachers Never Fade Away." As a retired English Teacher now editing and writing, my communications career has not yet faded. "Once an English teacher, always......." even as I am asked to.. ..Read More....

Toca Robot Lab – Limited Time FREE App

FREE for limited time - Toca Robot Lab, another imaginative, educational app from Toca Boca. Kids create robots by mixing & matching scrap parts and pieces of junk. They choose the legs, trunks, heads, and arms for their robots. Three different suggestions are given for each body part - pencils, fans, parts of coffee machines,…

Everybody Needs STEM Talent

Evidence of the shortage of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) talent in the United States is plentiful. However, in an effort to stop immigration of high-skilled STEM workers, left wing advocates argue that there is no shortage. A new twist to their argument is to claim that STEM graduates do not always go into STEM fields and therefore are not in short supply. This reasoning falls apart rapidly. First, the U.S. Census Bureau definition of STEM graduates and workers, which is used to make this argument, includes psychology and social science majors, which are not what most people think of when considering STEM occupations. But second, it ignores the glaringly obvious point that in today’s technology-driven economy, all sectors and industries-not just those classified as STEM fields-have a growing need for STEM talent.

Making Manufacturing Easier for the Makers

The Innovation Enterprise. Ayah Bdeir and her five-year-old company, littleBits, have become stars of the maker movement by emphasizing simplicity and ease-of-use. The company, which makes color-coded, interchangeable parts that snap together to form ready-to-use electronic circuits, says it is all about “democratizing hardware.” littleBits’ customers—from children to other makers—use the company’s little electronic Lego-like parts to bring intelligence to everyday items, like a door bell that sends a text when it’s rung.