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STEM Education

Your Guide To The Raspberry Pi

In this introduction to Raspberry Pi, all the basics are covered so you can start your own DIY computing journey with ease. …Learn More... Read the full guide FREE at:Ponoko

Robotics from a Musician’s Perspective

By Allison Lambacher, Marketing Coordinator, BirdBrain Technologies Scenario 1: The musician picks up her instrument. She practices Mozart. “That phrase was not as musical as I wanted,” she thinks. “If…

Amaziograph in Education

Amaziograph is the perfect app for teaching tessellations and symmetries to students. The application makes drawing tessellations not only easy, but fun. Here are a few examples... Check out this…

The micro:bit Matters – Invent To Learn

Once in a blue moon, a technology comes along that meets the needs of learners, classrooms, and is sufficiently powerful to create opportunities beyond the limits of our imagination. The…