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Connecting the Physical World to Digital Experiences |

By James Gray, CEO and Co-founder of Tapple:

Tapple is a content distribution platform that makes it super simple to assemble video, image, and text content into cohesive, professionally presented, mobile-first Experiences that are accessible to anyone at anytime via mobile phone or tablet, simply by scanning a QR Code.

There are seemingly endless use cases for Tapple, but most seem to hold one common denominator: education. Following are a few examples of how Tapple can be used in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Process

  • Equipment Training: Tapple can be used to train employees how to use a machine. Assemble instructional videos and text that detail how a machine is to be operated on Tapple and users are then able access the material in a single package that is optimized for viewing on a mobile phone or tablet simply by scanning a QR Code that is placed on or near the machine. In more advanced use cases where user review of content must be verified, Tapple can administer multiple choice quizzes based on the material presented and track results. Providing readily accessible educational materials in a multimedia format in close proximity to machinery provides many benefits to more traditional hard copy formats or content presented in a classroom.
  • Process Checklists: Tapple can be used to help employees follow the proper procedures in a manufacturing environment. Pair procedural documentation with custom checklists to help users remember and follow the defined steps. Place the associated QR Code at the entry and exit to key areas to ensure users have access to the content. If a process changes, simply update the content on the platform as desired and it is automatically updated for anyone who accesses it thereafter.

Final Product

Tapple allows manufacturers to provide end users and even distributors, wholesalers, and retailers with important information about their product simply by placing a QR Code on or in their packaging. Some examples include:

  • Assembly Instructions: Directions for home assembly of products is a risky business which can often lead to customer confusion and disillusionment. With Tapple, instructions can take the form of video and images as well as text and graphics, which can be hugely beneficial to the end user and allow the manufacturer to add value to their product experience.
  • User Adoption: Manufacturers generally have multimedia content about their products on their websites, but it can be hard to find, especially for manufacturers with multiple products and product lines. With Tapple, manufacturers can place a QR Code on a product’s packaging that takes prospective customers directly to content about that product. Show videos of the product in use, etc. to allow customers to better understand the product and hopefully buy it!

About the Author

James is a serial entrepreneur who loves the process of identifying opportunities and building products and teams to capture them. He has served in numerous product design, marketing, and operations roles in such efforts across multiple markets. He is currently CEO and Co-founder of Tapple. James holds a BA from Gettysburg College and an MBA from Boston College.