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Effective Advertising for Manufacturers Begins with a Marketing Strategy

By Jim Gribble, Principal, Marketing 4 Manufacturers

Far too many companies jump into on-line advertising without a plan. Paying only per click is far from a guarantee of success. In his latest article, Jim Gribble shares how to get started with an effective advertising campaign…

……..I met “Steve” at a marketing strategy networking event for small manufacturers on a recent trip home to Ohio. Steve is the CEO of a “gear” manufacturing company. When our discussion moved to online advertising, it was clear this struck a nerve with Steve. “AdWords is a total rip-off!” were his words, if I recall correctly.  “Steve” lost ad dollars on Google AdWords and became pretty cynical about doing any more advertising.
Since I knew Steve’s company produced quality products and had been successful for years, I was wondering why he had such a negative experience with AdWords. I gave him a call after returning home and he shared the following with me…

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Author: Jim Gribble, Principal, Marketing 4 Manufacturers

For 16 years, Jim Gribble ran profit centers for large consumer direct marketing companies and after forming his consultancy has provided expert marketing and strategic planning guidance for well over 50 organizations. Jim’s desire to put his expertise to work exclusively for manufacturers has its roots in his early years growing up in Canton, Ohio — where his father worked for the local steel mill for 36 years. According to Jim, “Contributing to the resurgence of U.S. manufacturing is my way of honoring my father’s legacy and so many others of the Greatest Generation.”