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Milford, NH High School Engineering Class & Young Girl with Prosthetic Forearm Work Together to Make a Bike Adapter | SME Humans of Manufacturing

Remember when you learned how to ride a bike? Fear of the unknown warred with the thrill of adventure. Yes, there were falls, bumps, and bruises, but you were willing to pay that price. What if you couldn’t enjoy riding that bike because it was uncomfortable, sometimes painful? Such was the case for 10-year-old Morgan Peterson; she had a prosthetic left forearm which made it difficult to ride her bike, causing her to opt out of family bike rides. Enter Frank Xydias, engineering instructor at Milford High School & Applied Technology Center in Milford, NH, and his advanced engineering students. Milford High is a unique school in New Hampshire in that it integrates technical career courses—what used to be termed as “vocational education”—with the traditional school curriculum. …Learn More…

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