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Machine Sewing Class

Learn the basics of sewing on a home machine, and working with different types of fabric! In this class you’ll get to know your sewing machine and be introduced to a wide range of simple machine sewing techniques, tools and materials. Then we’ll practice these skills by applying them to some practical projects. Working with both stretch and woven fabric, we’ll start from the basics and use our skills to create a grocery bag, a stuffed creature, a stretch scarf, a simple zipper case, and a pair of pajama pants.Our lessons will cover essential skills like threading and troubleshoot your machine, choosing fabric, sewing seams, finishing edges, sewing stretch fabric, attaching zippers and buttons, gathering, and following simple patterns. By the end of this class you’ll feel comfortable with a home sewing machine, and be ready start creating your own unique and awesome sewing projects.With the skills you learn in …

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