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PrintLab Launches 3D Printing Education Initiative in Greece

PrintLab (UK), a 3D printing curriculum developer and global distributor, have today announced that their online learning platform and teacher certification course is now available in Greek. The initiative to support education in Greece follows the success of the English and Polish versions of the platform, which are taught in over 250 schools globally.

As a result of a collaboration with Greek 3D printing distributor ‘3DHub’, PrintLab are now able to prepare a new generation of young people for their future careers, whilst providing teachers with engaging content for use in the classroom.

Upon purchasing the 12-month subscription, Greek teachers can participate in an online 4-hour professional development course before accessing a range of unique creative projects – from whistles and spinning tops to balloon-powered cars and assistive devices. New projects are added to the platform each month and every lesson comes with an abundance of teaching materials such as:

  • Slide-show Presentations
  • Student Workbooks
  • Design Tutorial Videos
  • Teacher Training Tutorials
  • 3D Printable STL Files

Jason Yeung, Co-Founder at PrintLab said, ‘Our overarching mission at PrintLab is to close the gap between education and industry at the global scale. Offering our 3D printing curriculum in multiple languages is a key step towards fulfilling this mission. Together with 3DHub, who can support teachers locally, we’re excited to prepare a new nation of students for innovative and disruptive careers in 3D design and additive manufacturing.

Kostis Koutretsos, Project Manager at 3DHub commented on the collaboration saying, ‘We strongly believe that Printlab’s playful and easy-going workflow is the best path to teach young (and not so young) people the miracles of this technology! This aligns perfectly with our vision to make it more accessible for all, by accelerating the whole process and bringing down barriers that kept schools away from 3D designing/printing or kept their 3D printers dusty and unused!’.

For more information visit: (English) (Greek)

About PrintLab

PrintLab is a developer of 3D printing curriculum and global distributor for a range of the world’s best 3D printing products. Formed in 2016 and based in the UK, our mission from the outset was to support the growth of 3D printing in education by growing an ecosystem of products and resources, specifically for schools. Our flagship product is PrintLab Classroom – our very own online platform featuring a library of 3D printing lesson plans and professional development resources. With millions of STEM jobs going unfilled globally, our aim is to provide teachers with a complete infrastructure to prepare the next generation for innovative and disruptive careers in 3D design and 3D printing.