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School-manufacturer program aims to show students there’s a future in manufacturing | New Hampshire Business Review

From his office window in Charlestown, John Olsen sees Springfield, Vt., where 8,000 people used to work in the machine tool industry back in the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s.”And now I don’t think there’s 50 people in the machine tool industry in Springfield,” said Olsen, president of Whelen Engineering Inc.But Olsen, now in his 55th year in manufacturing, isn’t willing to accept this as reality either for Whelen or the future of advanced manufacturing in the United States.So with the help of retired Claremont School District Superintendent Jacqueline Guillette, Scott Pope, an instructor at the Sugar River Valley Technical Center in Claremont, and others, they’ve developed a curriculum for a hands-on program that allows local high school students to get into the factory and learn what manufacturing is today, and that there may be a future in it. ..Read More….

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The Little League of Manufacturing – School/Work Program.  A truly amazing program to help students understand how Manufacturing works and the great career options available.