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STEM Education

Siemens STEM Day – #IDreamOfSTEM

Could you picture walking into your classroom to find this? It’s the first day of school after winter break and your students are already at their desks excitedly waiting for class to start. You’ve planned a social studies and STEM crossover activity for your class today, where students will use the new 3D printers to design and create their own structure in the style of the Aztec and Mayan cultures which they have been learning about recently. Students are excited to create their own buildings! Afterwards, you use the class SMART board to discuss the key characteristics that make these structures culturally relevant and how they would use engineering concepts if they were to build these structures in real life. By the end of the lesson, you’ve successfully incorporated STEM concepts into your social studies instruction and encouraged your students to think outside the box to tackle real world projects.…Learn More…

Use #IDreamofSTEM to join the conversation online and tell us how you would use $10k to take STEM beyond the classroom!

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