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Jaffrey NH Firm Advances Microcatheter Production – New Hampshire Business Review – November 25 2016

This company’s tiny extrusions are a first in industry. Microcatheter Components’ specialty is manufacturing extrusions, or small tubing, that are sold to medical device manufacturers for use in a range of applications, from treating blood circulation problems in the toughest-to-reach areas of the human body to steering through blood vessels of the brain into an aneurysm to pediatric and neonatal care.....

For Wearable Electronic Devices, NIST Shows Plastic Holes Are Golden –

In science, sometimes the best discoveries come when you’re exploring something else entirely. That’s the case with recent findings from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), where a research team has come up with a way to build safe, nontoxic gold wires onto flexible, thin plastic film. Their demonstration potentially clears the path for a host of....
Internet of Things

the AWS IoT Button | SmartData Collective

Did you heard about the AWS IoT button? Anyone who has basic programming skills can easily test out different IoT applications and create their own through the IoT button. Create the AWS IoT resources, configure your button and count items, call/text someone, start/stop a process, etc.