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Manufacture Your Future

About Manufacture Your Future - Arconic Foundation and Discovery Education have partnered to provide 3rd-12th grade educators, administrators, school counselors and families with materials to cultivate the next generation of…

Building factories of the future | Sandvik Coromant

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Center’s latest project, Factory 2050, is preparing for a new industrial revolution. Metalworking World sat down with Chief Technology Officer Sam Turner to hear about further innovations in manufacturing technologies.....
STEM Education

What Might Education in the Future Look Like? – 3tags

People have spent their entire lives trying to predict the future. We admire those that can accurately anticipate what’s around the bend, though I’m fairly sure there’s many more predications that fall flat and simply fade into the background. So, by talking about the future of education, I know I’m going out on a limb. There’s a good — perhaps substantial — chance that …more....

Google’s developing its own version of the Laws of Robotics – 3tags

Google’s artificial intelligence researchers are starting to have to code around their own code, writing patches that limit a robot’s abilities so that it continues to develop down the path desired by the researchers — not by the robot itself. It’s the beginning of a long-term trend in robotics and AI in general: once we’ve …more....
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