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STEM Education

Pay Close Attention to What’s Behind the Curtain | Tom Whitby

The worst advocates for educators using social media for do it yourself professional development are those educators who have been successful developing their own do it yourself professional development. This probably applies to other successful educator undertakings as well. Many of those educators who achieve success with innovative ideas tend to expound on the achievements…
STEM Education

8 GREAT Apps for Teaching Fractions | Appydaze Blog

Here are 8 great apps for teaching fractions and the first three on the list are FREE! Currently FREE – Fractions by Brainingcamp, an excellent educational app for teaching fractions. The app covers 7 topics: introduction to fractions, equivalent fractions, common denominators, comparing/ordering fractions, adding/subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions, and dividing fractions. Each topic includes: a…