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3 Myths Surrounding LEDs | Machine Design

Let's debunk some myths about LEDs. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are popping up in more and more places as companies and individuals try to save money and reduce energy consumption.…

LED Contest 2017 | Instructables

Since their conception, LEDs have become more and more common in general lighting, arts & crafts, decorations, and cosplay/prop making because of their versatility, sustainability, and affordability. Find a way…
STEM Education

Lights Contest 2017- Insturctables

Bright ideas wanted for the Lights Contest! Full Spectrum Laser is generously providing two (two!!) laser cutters for the best light projects. .....More.. Continue reading at:Instructables Save
STEM Education

Concrete LED Light Cube

"I wanted an accent light with a unique design so I used some concrete, lexan and 5 volt led strip lights to create a portable lamp."... Watch the video at:YouTube…