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Robotics from a Musician’s Perspective

By Allison Lambacher, Marketing Coordinator, BirdBrain Technologies Scenario 1: The musician picks up her instrument. She practices Mozart. “That phrase was not as musical as I wanted,” she thinks. “If…
STEM Education

Underground Sound | Makey Makey®

Boston-based mechanical engineering student fused her love of live music with her passion for product design and computer science creativity; using Makey Makey to put some of the MBTA’s most prominent musicians firmly on ‘the map’...
STEM Education

Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers | PBS

The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers is an Emmy-nominated web series and site from PBS’s NOVA. This is where you can learn about cutting-edge science and engineering, the amazing people who do that work, and the things they do when their lab coats come off – win beauty pageants, wrestle professionally, become rock stars and magicians, etc.
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