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STEM Education

Beyond Programming Language | edtech digest

How to choose the best coding bootcamp. GUEST COLUMN | by Steven Harms Every year, more students are turning to coding bootcamps to learn the skills that will fast-track them into one of the lucrative technology jobs awaiting qualified applicants. Around half of the jobs with salaries in the top income quartile ($57,000 or more…..
STEM Education

mBlock – NEW App Helps Students Learn to CODE with Stories and Robots | Makeblock

Now Makeblock Team presents mBlock App - unlike other software, mBlock is made of a series of courses in programming. Don't worry - there is no complex programming language, and kids do not need to memorize tedious computer commands. Instead, they will be immersed in a series of intriguing stories and they will clear levels with their mBots. They can unlock new tricks for their mBots while building up their programming skills....