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STEM Education

Summer Science Camps: Directory

"Find the best summer STEM camp for your child. Science Buddies’ summer science camp directory includes a comprehensive list of STEM camps in your area, with parent reviews, prices, more!"
3D Printing

3D printing program to teach materials science in high schools

"A versatile technology, 3D printing has not only set the gears in motion for a manufacturing revolution but has also been a big help in promoting STEM education amongst younger generations. In Spain, a team of scientists from the ICMAB have developed an educational course that employs 3D printing to help teach material science to high schoolers."
STEM Education

What’s the Matter | Groovy Lab in a Box

Engineering Design Challenge - A Lesson in Ice You’ve been tasked to design the lighting of a groovy ice hotel. Guests are given an ice lantern to guide their way. Can you design and build a portable lantern out of ice? Investigate the states of matter: gases, liquids and solids and learn about the unique properties of ice! * Emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) * Extended learning through our exclusive online portal * For children ages 8 and up