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Sensors Contest 2016 – Instructables

Sensor all the things! No, not censor — sensor! Enter your responsive tech projects in the Sensor Contest. If it’s got an input and an output, it’s fair game. At stake are some fantastic prizes from Dexter Industries and Seeed Studios, including a GoPiGo kits, GrovePi kits, Grove kits, and more! Want more contests? Check out Instructables' current contests here! …more....
STEM Education

DexterEd – Dexter Industries

We believe that great educators are the key to a successful future, and we seek to equip them with the best tools and resources to make learning how to think and innovate accessible and engaging for girls and boys, young and old alike. DexterEd aims to make it easy for you to select, test, buy, and teach.
3D Printing

How Filament Thickness Sensors Can Change 3D Printing

If you have any 3D printing experience, you already know that one of the key aspects of a high-quality 3D print job is the proper thickness of the object's walls. Increasingly, 3D printing services are adding different options for testing out this thickness before you send a job to the printer.