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For Wearable Electronic Devices, NIST Shows Plastic Holes Are Golden –

In science, sometimes the best discoveries come when you’re exploring something else entirely. That’s the case with recent findings from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), where a research team has come up with a way to build safe, nontoxic gold wires onto flexible, thin plastic film. Their demonstration potentially clears the path for a host of....
Internet of Things

Just How ‘Smart’ Do You Want Your Blender to Be? –

In the land rush to digitize the world, the home is the new frontier. Over the past few years, practically every household item within reach has been technologically upgraded and rendered “smart”: toothbrushes, cutlery, baby monitors, refrigerators, thermostats, slow cookers, sprinkler systems, sex toys, even the locks in doors. …more....

Where does wearable tech go next?

Fashion futurist Anouk Wipprecht takes cues from the animal world to develop her line. Ellen Himelfarb explains how dresses with motorized tentacles hint at where smart clothes are headed