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The Chibimals are Waiting to Come to Life in Your 3D Printer – A Review

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Reviewer – Dave DeWitt, Editor ManufacturingStories

…Now Including Video Update #13… 6/24/19

The Chibimal Kickstarter Project is brought to you by Joe Larson, the 3D Printing Professor.  Joe is an award winning 3D designer, blogger, YouTuber, and author. The Chibimal Project combines Joe’s passion for 3D design, his devotion to education, and excitement for interacting with his audience. You can see more of Joe’s work at and on YouTube at

First a bit of history….

Image supplied by Joe Larson

My previous experience with Joe’s amazing models was his Low Poly Dinosaurs Kickstarter project.  The LowPoly Dino project was a huge success with 299 backers pledging $8,478; nearly 17 times the original goal!  I printed every dino model for my grandson and he really enjoys playing with them.  The volcano is a  work of 3D art (the lava is painted in).  When printed full size on a PRUSA printer it stands almost a full 7 inches high and 7 inches in diameter at the base.  If you can’t print the volcano in one piece Joe offers the option of printing it in interlocking pieces!  There is even an option to print the volcano with platforms to stand the dinos on. (I did not print the platform version as it is more for display then play).  I printed the rest of the dino models and accessories on a Flashforge Finder using a only PLA in a variety of colors.  I stick with Solutech PLA ordered on Amazon Prime.  Joe  ❤️’s to give you wonderful surprises.  The dino project surprise was a 12 page coloring book (pdf) you print out and the kids color the pages!

Now, back to the Chibimal project….
My grandson requested a BULL Chibimal.  “BULLSON” has now been added as an official design. (front right in magenta)

I’ve participated in many Kickstarter projects over the last few years.  None have come even close to providing the number of project updates I’ve received from Joe.  In most cases you will receive at least one update a day and often the updates include a video update!

Update #12 Joe announced a MAJOR REVEAL…..

ChibiSwag is a library of accessories that you can add to any Chibimal to make them your own. Simply import your choice of animal and accessories into your favorite 3d modeling program, or even directly into your slicer, arrange them how you want, and 3D print your customized Chibimal.

ChibiSwag adds the option of personal creativity to the project.  Educators into 3D Design & Printing will find this option very rewarding for their students.  Once a student starts to think of customizing their Chibimals they may also think of designing their own objects to add to their Chibimal collection.

If you pledge at the $40 or $100 level you will not only receive all of the .stl files and other stretch goal items, you will also receive all of the Blender files.  For designers using Blender this is wonderful opportunity to see how Joe accomplishes his amazing designs.  Joe told me he plans on developing some training videos on Designing in Blender.  I can’t wait….

Update #13 – June 25, 2019 – “What is Chibi”…

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