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The Story of “Learn Engineering” YouTube Channel

First Published in 2017 – Updated on 7/6/2019

The YouTube channel Learn Engineering was born four years back with a mission to make engineering education more enjoyable and conceptually-oriented. Sabin Mathew, who is a post-graduate in mechanical engineering from IIT Delhi is the founder of this channel. He has always believed that, over the decades, engineering education has become a shortcut to get a quick job, and that real engineers and engineering innovations are slowly disappearing from the society.

The idea of such a YouTube channel came to Sabin’s mind when he lost his job at Siemens-LMS, Chennai. The uncertain situation in his life lead to the birth of two ventures: an engineering consultancy firm (imajey) and a YouTube channel (Learn Engineering). The Learn Engineering channel was founded with the goal of creating a passion for engineering, clearing misconceptions and explaining complicated technologies in a simple way.

The initial videos released by Learn Engineering were very low in graphics and did not get much attention in the YouTube space. In the first six months of the channel, LE released 28 videos and gained only 1000 subscribers and 1200 views/day.

After this period, there was shift in LE’s video production strategy. It started to give more importance to quality, rather than quantity. 3D models and animations became the biggest selling point of LE videos. At the same time, they made sure that the scripts were conceptually strong and provided new information in every video. This change in video production style paid off, and people started to notice this channel. Engineering videos on Mechanical, Aerospace, Automobile, Electronics, Electrical and Civil engineering were added during this period. Over time, more members (for animation works) were added to the LE’s video production team.

Now, Learn Engineering releases one video per month and generates more than 100k views/day. The channel has crossed the 600k subscribers mark and they hope to hit the 1 million mark in 2017. LE plans to release two videos/month with the addition of more team members. LE hopes that with rapid and quality video releases, in the next ten years they can create a revolution in the engineering education. The channel also maintains a Patreon page, where viewers can support the channel to achieve its goals.

As of 7/6/2019 the YouTube channel has over 2.5 million subscribers!

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