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Tips To Control Inventory And Warehouse Efficiency | Procon Pacific

By: Steven Dry

Efficiency doesn’t just happen — it’s the culmination of a manufacturer’s efforts in every aspect of its business. A crucial area where manufacturers require efficiency is in their supply chains, which begins with proper inventory and warehouse management. Without the right practices in place at the inventory and warehouse level, manufacturers will be hobbled by inefficiency before their processes reach the production floor. Efficiency is the result of a concerted effort to do everything as effectively as possible. It begins with ensuring that a manufacturer’s warehouse and inventory are managed properly.

There are so many areas in which inefficiency may lurk inside a warehouse. It’s up to manufacturers to eliminate those inefficiencies and take proactive measures so they don’t end up poisoning their entire operations. One of the most important steps manufacturers can take toward a more efficient warehouse, for example, is implementing a modern inventory management system that collects data automatically. Manufacturers can then use this data to predict when demand will surge and allocate their resources accordingly. An automated warehouse management platform also helps make replenishment easier by automatically placing orders with vendors once the inventory drops below a predetermined level.

Another tip manufacturers can use to streamline their warehouse and inventory is to collaborate more closely with vendors. Vendor management programs make this process smoother for manufacturers — helping to facilitate communication between warehouse staff and vendors. With these systems in place, warehouse employees will know exactly when to expect shipments and plan more effectively. On the other side of the equation, the use of vendor compliance programs will help vendors live up to their responsibilities and do their part to help manufacturers stay on track with their efficiency goals.

Efficiency isn’t a natural state for manufacturers — it requires constant vigilance and a coordinated effort across all phases of the manufacturing process. The inventory and warehouse stage is one of the most critical for setting the pace. Thus, it’s vital for manufacturers to do everything in their power to have an efficient warehouse system. The following infographic contains a number of tips manufacturers can use to make sure their warehouse sets the right tone for the entire operation.

Author Bio:
Steven Dry is the owner of Procon Pacific, a provider of global packaging solutions that include FIBC products and cutting-edge bulk packaging technologies. Procon was formed in 2004 to fill a critical void in the FIBC market while offering sourcing and consulting services to go with its bulk and semi-bulk packaging products.

Infographic from Procon Pacific