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by Sarah Rooker, Director of New Initiatives

Windsor High School students took first place for the second year in a row at the 3DVermont architecture competition at Vermont Technical College in Randolph on Friday, March 25.

Prints in Process

High school and middle school students from around the state researched and recreated 3D models of historic buildings in their towns.  The teams gave multimedia presentations to accompany their printed 3D models to judges with backgrounds in historic preservation, architecture, and technology.

2016 team at contest

Windsor students Serene Martin, Brianna Diggs, Vincent Moeykens, Asa Gaddis, Alexander Townsend, and Maurice Day worked with coaches Aaron Day, Windsor High School and Sarah Rooker, American Precision Museum to create models of Windsor’s former Vermont State Prison.  To prepare their presentation, the students toured the building, researched the history, interviewed former prison employees, and learned to model in Sketchup. After modeling the current buildings, they took the project one step further and modeled the original 1809 building using historical documents for reference. Bringing a building back that had disappeared through time impressed the judges, along with the team’s skillful Sketchup abilities and understanding of history.

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The Museum preserves the heritage of the mechanical arts, celebrates the ingenuity of our mechanical forebears, and explores the effects of their work on our everyday lives. The American Precision Museum, housed in the original Robbins & Lawrence Armory, now holds the largest collection of historically significant machine tools in the nation.  The museum is located at 196 Main St., in Windsor.

Exhibits reopen to the public for the season on Saturday May 28.

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