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YOUR Role in Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap | CAMplete

By Cody Deadman, CAMplete Solutions

The Skills Gap, a phrase you have likely heard more than once, is more than just a buzzword. A problem exists across North America, and as this problem continues to grow, so too does the use of the phrase. The name is by no means a misnomer, it accurately describes a problem that needs to be addressed.

Although the name is self-explanatory, the real question is, what is causing this gap? The answer, like many things, is not an easy one. Many factors are responsible for this growing issue. Manufacturing across North America is set to expand at a rate higher than the global economy. This alone does not sound like a problem, but when you combine that with the impending retirement rates of baby boomers and the general disinterest in manufacturing among millennials, the problem becomes much more apparent.

Understanding the solution is just as easy as understanding the problem. With that being said, that solution comes with an inherent problem; it requires involvement, from everyone. No one person, organization or entity can solve the skills gap on their own, we all must play our part in the process of bridging the gap.

Over the next couple of months, we will be highlighting what YOU can do to play your part. At CAMplete Solutions, we practice what we preach. This month we will begin by sharing what we have done. Most recently, we have partnered with St.Clair College, located in Windsor, Ontario. St.Clair College is playing their part in being part of the solution, announcing its growth into the formerly private Valiant Training and Development Centre.

Together, through a 46-week program, the two provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills needed to succeed in the ever-changing manufacturing industry. What makes this program so appealing to many students, is that it enables students the opportunity to earn while they learn. As opposed to racking up debt like many of their peers entering different fields are forced to do. We were honored to play our part, providing seats of our 5-axis machining software.

This center has already seen 400 students get a jump start in their career, with that number rising every single year. Four hundred is an impressive figure, but it is only a start; a small dent in the 2 million unfilled positions. Employers, Teachers, Parents and even students themselves, have a part to play. Want to learn yours? Check back to see how you can be a part of the solution.

About the Author:
Cody Deadman is an employee at CAMplete Solutions, a CAM software company focused on high-end 5-axis milling and Mill/Turn solutions. As a millennial, Cody provides a perspective on the Manufacturing Skills Gap that traditionally does not get portrayed.

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